Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Captivating Rani...


Welcome, peeps!

It is very rare when there is a SOG stamp that I do not absolutely love. And I gotta tell you that I really REALLY adore this one! She is Rani, the new digital release happening right now at Some Odd Girl.

I'm not even part (Eastern) Indian, or obsessed with Bollywood. But Rani is truly beautiful, and I had so much fun coloring her and her sari. I even did a bit of so-called "research" -- that is, combing through the photos on my Indian friend's facebook. She had a graduation party, and almost all the women were wearing these beautiful, traditional dresses.

I decided to color her sari in turquoise. I wanted the shawl part to be pretty much the same shade as the women at the party were not wearing contrasting colors. I am quite proud of the way her skin turned out. I was going for a rich, golden tone. So I decided to go for gold for her jewelry.

I added my usual eye-shadow. But I also added henna to her hands as I've heard that these are done traditionally for big events. The next step was to find the right papers and embellishments for her. This was quite an ordeal as I pretty much combed through all my patterned paper and couldn't find one that was just right.

I needed a poster board for work from Michael's so I thought I'd look over there. I was disappointed to find that although they had a bunch of stuff for Mexico, Paris, or Florida, there were no stickers or papers that were for documenting about Indian culture. I did find the paisley patterned paper though. It reminded me of a lotus flower. And I loved how it had turquoise too. I also added a textured paper there on the side. And added swirls to symbolize the henna tattoos, and some bright jewels were adhered too.

I thought I'd leave the card without a sentiment as I felt Rani was striking enough. Anyway, have I mentioned that I LLLLUUUUURRRRRVVVEE her?!!!! Make sure you visit the SOG blog to see the links of the other Odd Girls.




Judy Bagwell said...

OMG!!! This card is sooo beautiful! Love the way you colored her up...and the bling is perfect.

Katie said...

So stunning Rinne! I think the henna idea is genius and her eyeliner is fab- I'm totally going to have to try that the next time I color her up :) Hugs, Katie

Sara said...

She is gorgeous! I love the new stamp, the way you colored her and the papers and embellies you used!

Emma (metalicbutterfly) said...

I found my way to your blog :)
Rain looks beautiful so pretty Hun

Andrea said...

this is completely gorgeous!!!