Sunday, October 23, 2011

Innocence of Childhood

*sings (again) It's just another Manic Monday, oh-wo-oh. I wish it was Sunday. Cuz that's my fun day!****

Any of you watch The Sing-Off? I've been on an 80's kick ever since they did the guilty pleasures episodes last week. I've been seeing "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" and that Flashdance song all weekend! My sons and hubby are sick of 'em, he he!

Well, am sad to say that I didn't get any crafting done this weekend (boo). It's such a therapeutic thing for me to do. I really enjoy my ME time, like most of you could relate. It's my escape from the daily grind of life. I really needed it this weekend because there were lots of drama (uggh). But I won't get into that need for extra negativity.

I did, however, get lots of cleaning and purging done in my craft room. For those of you who didn't know, we moved into this house over a year ago but I'm only getting to my craft room this month. I'm actually very excited because we got new furniture for it. I've been scrapping/ crafting for over a decade and it's my first time having a room dedicated to my hobby. I've always managed to just live out of those giant tupperware bins & craft wherever it's convenient, be it our coffee table or the couch.

Anyway, I found lots of stuff to throw away, get excited about, and donate. I'll be donating a lot to the play room at work -- I work at a hospital and there's a room specifically for kids to play and make art projects in. I also put aside a lot of stuff for a future blog candy -- things I never used, got duplicates of, or "vintage" goodies (a.k.a. "older" stuff)that are just delicately used. Stay tuned!

I also got to take pics of lay-outs for my Sunday FlashBack projects. I'm cheating here and posting about one now even though it's Monday. I just love these pages and couldn't wait to share them again.


The little girl is one of my dearest friend M's daughter. I've watched her grow up, and she is such a darling little girl, beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. So talented and smart and funny like her mama. We had taken a trip to Lake Tahoe and got to stay at our friend's cabin.

What I love about this lay-out is how simple it is (compared to my usual style). I made use of negative space. I adore the pic of I's playing in the sand and water, such a tender moment of innocence and fun. I took these pics with a film camera (gasp! it had been four years ago!) and ordered the sepia tone for both a dramatic and subdued effect, does that make sense? LOL.


I got the supplies from a kit, although I don't remember which one. The papers are from Sassafras and I just really liked how I included a puka-shell necklace. The sequined border is awesome and the title was inspired from the movie that came out that year.


Here's another l.o. of I, this time very different although the papers are from the same line and brand. The touches of red in the B & W pics were cool, I thought. I really do miss taking pictures with film. Alice's blog really inspires me to do it again.

This page is a bit busier but still has the same effect, I thought. I am sure rocking that white pen, haha!

This post has gotten longer than I intended. Thanks for reading this far. One more thing I wanted to add... I have posted about these lay-outs before, but just didn't get to highlight them. They were shown with multiple cards and other pages -- thought I'd share again with a bit of explanation :).

If you are curious, here are the old posts (click for the first one and the second one).

See you back here tonight for this week's Sparkle Creations Rubber Stamps Challenge.



Mary J said...

I seriously have to clean up my craft room! We were going to decorate it during the summer but never got round to it!

Love your layouts Rinne! They are so touching and interesting to look at!

angie ashuk said...

Very cute LO's. I love them. I got very little crfting done too, to much drama over here aswell :( Glad you got a room to craft in. We moved last year too and I have my very own craft room...its tiny tiny, but I love it:)

eva said...

love these layouts! so pretty! love the shells and the umbrella!

Christine said...

Your layouts look really nice. I love the photos - the bit of color in the b&w.

Amy said...

Sorry to hear you had some drama but even if you didn't get to create anything cleaning and organizing a scrappy room is always fun too. I hope you plan on sharing some pics of it once you have it all together with the new furniture. :)

And cool idea to shine the light on some of your older layouts too... they are still beautiful!

jo ( said...

Fabulous layouts! I love the pics too! I miss taking pics with film. I find I don't develop pics nearly enough since we've gone digital! :(