Sunday, December 8, 2013

Photo Inspo at Y&FH.

Good morning, folks!

I totally goofed and didn't post for my Yumi and Fumi Handmade Challenge last week - Monthly Challenge # 3. I had been sick (already with my second cold of the season - bleh!), and I got confused with the dates. So here's the current challenge for Y&FH -- I am posting with Team Fumi for the day :). It's a photo inspiration (shown above). Man, that room looks super classy and cozy. My mom would totally love that room. She has a gold and white Christmas tree up too!

Here's the card I made:


I took elements of the gold and white, of course, but also took in the redness of the chimney and the black accents of the twigs on the mantle. I also added in some silver from the presents. I even tried to ink up those wooden tree veneers with silver ink but this picture doesn't do it justice. It's pretty sparkly in real life! :)


I really love this image I used of Bob the Yeti -- he is so darn adorbs and snuggly-looking, right? He's perfect for Winter-themed projects! And this project of Bob the Yeti disguised as Sulley from Monster's Inc by Team Fumi member, Melissa, BLEW MY MIND!!!

You have until January 3rd to play!! The top card maker wins a $10 gift certificate! And top three wins a 10% discount. Such awesome prizes!! And you guys have seen the winner badges that Y&FH give out, right? They are incredible!

See you soon!


Thanh Vo said...

You made him look super fluffy looking, Rinne! <3 So cute. I want to snuggle him lol

Jossie Michel said...

Wow! You are so creative girl! I love this card! He looks adorbs!