Tuesday, April 24, 2007

i'm inspired

I have a long things-to-do list today, but I'm doing well. I needed to get scrapbooking in early because of some planned shopping with Jo today. I have to try to use up as much of my supplies. I guess our scrapbooking challenge is going down the toilet. But I'll still continue on scrapping at least five lay-outs. I don't know about the five cards. Jo does her cards in advance. I only make cards when there's an occassion--I like to do mine with pictures. Maybe I'll raise my lay-outs to 8 per month.

So anyway, here it is...Much to my surprise, one of my gifts had a bag hidden full of dried flowers and leaves that I did not see. They're all the way from the Philippines and boy, do I hope they are acid-free! Oh well, I think they went perfectly with the theme I was trying to go for. Exotic, Asian, full of texture, and ethnic..
Supplies used: Background paper in Fancy Free Collection in Wishing; Flowers and flat leaves in Simple Joys Money Tree pressed flowers, Bow Fossilized Leaf, and Fossilized Leaves Collection; Green leaf cut-outs from (?); "Wooden" paper from Eastern Arts Connection Inc. in Woven Gold; Micron Journaling pens; Rub-on from Making Memories Simply Stated; Wooden band from (?).

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jo said...

Hey I remember when we went to Dragonfly! That was fun!

Did you upload these photos to Kodak? I don't think you ever sent me the link...