Tuesday, October 13, 2009

my Stamping Idols.

(Sorry again for the poor pic...my hubby had the big camera)...

I finally got to create with my new Maisy Ketto stamp. I loved seeing Amy use Kettos on craft papers and find the simply-drawn stamps refreshing!

But Maisy, of course, is not simple :). Used Bazzill for CS; Crate Paper, Hambly, & KI memories for PP; Sassafras for stickers; and American Crafts and Basic Grey for the brads.

It takes a lot for me to buy new stamps (unless they're from TGF, which I'm addicted to! LOL!). I have tons of stamps in storage that I haven't even touched. They are tucked away in a box at my parents-in-law's weekend home. I did some spring cleaning this year and thought that they weren't as important as my other supplies :(. And now with the baby, there just isn't room for my "old" new stamps.

You see, I'm a pretty novice stamper (started in July of this year). And although, I've been making cards for ages, I rarely used stamps to craft them. In fact, my favorite supplies were your typical scrapbooking paper and photos. I love the effect of photos on cards-- they make them so personal and they look like mini scrapping pages!

But now, I adore stamping for cards. Never knew all the different things one can do...paper piercing, altering, masking, glittering, etc. I have to credit Jo when she introduced me to Hula Anya. I remembered that the Singing H&G also pierced this now-addicted heart! My BFF is always in tune with whatever's trendy in the paper-crafting world..thanks hon!

And of course, I have to give much love to Amy, who's beautiful work inspires me daily. It is through her that I learned how to alter and was encouraged to paper pierce. And now, I must get a light box...LOL!

And Randi's art is wonderful! I LOVE unique things...and looking at her "outside-of-the-box" creativeness makes me want to try new things! Like glimmer misting!

My next goal is to probably make 3D projects like Sunghee. She is always popping out mind boggling and wonderful things! I don't know why she does not just title her blog "creativity is here." Buwahahahaha! I hope to create half the stuff she does for her kids!

Anyway, I have more faves but they top my list. Thank you also for your support!

Where was I? I digress...Oh yeah...

So I was holding out on buying Christmas stamps. I make cards every year but I never had a baby until this year :). But these are calling my name (first seen at Sunghee's!)

And these new releases are SHOUTING my name! Head over to Club Anya.



Sparkle said...

Your card is just precious! I'm glad you're loving the Kettos! I'm so excited for TGF release!

jo said...

I'm so glad we're venturing into the Stamping world together! Although... I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing for our pocketbooks. *lol* We've always been our best and worst enablers for each other!

Love the card with Maisy Ketto! - I love how you're trying out new stamps outside of our beloved TGF ones! :)

Amy said...

Corinne, your Maisy card looks fantastic! This mix of papers and embellies is super cute!
And I'm flattered that you have found some inspiration at my crazy little blog, I definitely think that altering can become just as addictive as buying new stamps! ;)

Randi said...

You are such a doll!! Thanks for the amazing compliment!!
I think you are a very advanced stamper!! I cannot believe how much you've learned in such a short time! You should be very proud of your creations! You have oodles of creativity in you!! If you've only been at this since July, I can't wait to see what amazing things you're creating 6 months from now!!