Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Whip it...GIRL Power!

This is my second post for today. Just saw this movie and wanted to create Babe Ruthless' (Ellen Paige) Anya character.

Wanted to make the card more "urban." Instantly thought of Traci Bautista's "kol laj" papers. Ellen's team in roller derby is called the Hurl Scouts. Altered 80's Anya by pairing her head with Troop Anya's body. Learned this through the wonderful Amy. I'm better at altering via the cutting way instead of the erasing the ink version....i blame it on my stubby, clumsy fingers. I really wanted to make the Scout uniform much sexier. :) Drew the stockings and roller blades in but didn't want to cover her lovely hair with a helmet..he he! Kids, this is during down time!

The other supplies used are Elsie's stickers from her Red Velvet Art store. I got them for free...aren't I lucky? The brads are from American Crafts. And the sentiments are drawn with Copics and Bic (I couldn't find my Micron pens).

And guess what Ellen Paige's real name in the movie is? BLISS! I hope to name my future daughter this someday. So happy for confirming my inspiration! She's such a great actress. But my favorite has always been Drew Barrymore...and may I say, she did a terrific job at her directorial debut!

Anyway, it's SYTYCD and Glee tonight! Can't wait!! Thanks for visiting (again).


Sparkle said...

This is just darling! I'm not good at masking either.

Amy said...

OMGosh Corinne, how freakin' cool is this!?! Fabulous altering girl, I am just blown away! Oh and I want to see that movie so bad! :)

Randi said...

I SOOO want to see this movie!
I LOVE that you made a Hurl Scout out of Anya! So cool!! You did a fantastic job with the altering. Those collage-y papers are perfect!!

jo said...

I really love how you're using TreiC's stuff! :)