Friday, November 6, 2009

Thank goodness for textures & surveys!

My baby is five months, and all of the literature (and his actions) indicate that he is curious about texture. It's recommended to have him lay semi-naked in a really fuzzy blanket, and he would love it!! That sounds cozy for me, too! Add a fireplace and some wine....

I love different textures on my cards and scrapbook lay-outs! Here, the American Crafts CS has some texture and the flowers from Maya Road are felt-ish and smooth. The mesh ribbon on top has added rouching, courtesy of some staples. And the green ribbon, to me, resembles grass. Thanks to Jo for this cutie Swiss Pixie Gretel image.

I love filling out surveys and I wanted to thank Iris for this one. And I'll tag Jo, Randi, Amy, Sparkle, and Kate!

1. My childhood ambition: a dentist. Close enough..I'm in the same field.

2. My retreat: Stamping and scrapbooking. Art relaxes me and makes me feel oh-so-good. Add some stamps and papers to the fuzzy blanket/fireplace scene above! :)

3. The perfect day: Waking up to breakfast in bed with my hubby and baby. Going down to a clean living room and kitchen. Having the perfect hair and outfit to do some shopping in downtown San Francisco. Stopping by the beach, where it isn't foggy and actually very warm. Eating lunch at a sidewalk French bistro where I have creme brulee for dessert. Not gaining weight after that...ha ha! Meeting up with friends and catching up. They offer to watch Mattie for a couple of hours so that hubby and I can watch the most romantic and funniest movie. We pick up MK and head over to my parents' where we have a laid back homemade dinner. We head home after and when MK is asleep, I get to make cards/scrapbook while watching Glee! :)

4. My first job was: A salesperson at a small clothing store.

5. My wildest dream: A recording deal or be the winner of SYTYCD.

6. If my life was a musical it would be called: Hmmm, I don't know. I do like Wicked.

7. My proudest moment: Wedding and MK's birth.

8. My favorite item of clothing: anything from Anthropologie or Max Studio.

9. I feel ready for the day when I: get a good night's rest.

10. I COULD live without: die-cutting machines (same here, Iris!).

Tag, you're IT!


Sparkle said...

Your card is so cute. I love that mesh ribbon.

Randi said...

Cute card Rinne!! I love how you used the dark background. Love the contrast. Kind of like our blogs!
I'll try to get my answers up this weekend!! I'm so behind with what I 'wanted' to get done! I love your perfect day answer!! Creme brulee and shopping in downtown San Fran...oh la la!! I'm there with ya sister!!

jo said...

Aww. I love it! She's probably my favorite Swiss Pixies image and I'm glad you used her on a card! Fab colors - very FALL! :) CUTE!

Iris Uy said...

love love reading about you Rinne! haha I agree-- eating creme brulee and not gaining weight after! :)

WickedPixie said...

This is super cute!! I love that green textured ribbon!!
You asked a few questions about printing digi stamps - I am NO expert!! But so far I have been opening them with Photoshop Elements, then clicking "print multiple photos" under file, then usually picking "print 4 per page at 3x5" - that usually gets me a good card size image. Only lately I have decided I really don't need 4 of the same image printed and my DH is helping me figure out Word so I can use it to print 4 different images on the same page. As far as printer ink - I have a Canon printer and I've had no problems with my Copics and the printer ink, but I have had smearing when I tried to use Stickles on the printed images! Sorry thsi is SO long!! Hope it helps! :-)Traci

Meeker said...

I left you some love on my blog. Stop by and pick it up!

Amy said...

She's so cute Rinne, and the mesh is such a creative addition, love it!
Thanks for giving me the survey, my blog is taken up by the Anya releases this week, so I'll get to it next week. I love reading everyone's answers to these!