Friday, November 20, 2009

This card makes me want to boogie....

I love to dance. When people ask why, I always think of this quote:

It lifts your spirit, touches your soul.
As long as you can stand, you'll dance.
It's a discipline of love, this ritual.
A constant reawakening of the mind and body.
Each time you reach for abandon and find,
Right there with it,
A sense of salvation..
A feeling of grace."

I found it very poetic and expressive, hidden in the most unlikeliest of places: a concert book for Janet Jackson. But maybe it is in the perfect place afterall. For JJ is truly one of my favorite dancers. I used to say that one of my lifelong dreams was to be her back-up dancer :).

I just ADORE that Flapper Anya is dancing! Not only is her pose perfect, I knew I had to have her also because of the era she represents! I've always wanted to dress up as a flapper girl and have that short, wavy, close-to your-scalp type of hair. I am trying to persuade my mom into having a 1920s themed retirement party next year. That would be so much fun! And of course, there'd be dancing :).

This card is for ICSketches # 43. Such a lovely sketch. Thought the flower pin added a cool, vintage touch. The 'sentiment' is a Making Memories brad (remember those?). I used Kate's coloring as an inspiration. I also had an awesome time using a lot of kol laj products. The DP is really a paper towel that was painted on. And those colorful squares? I once made my own to make this a couple of years ago (Now if only I could remember the product so I can make more!):

Have a good weekend everyone! I am, unfortunately, working all weekend. Anyone watched New Moon? I LOVED it! Even more so than Twilight. But I'll leave that for another post :).


marley said...

so much fun, and just perfect! and i totally agree with you about dancing ;) thanks for joining us at ics!

Sparkle said...

I haven't seen NM yet, but hope to next week.

Your card is just darling! I love the green!

Debs said...

Great card, fraid I'm working this week end aswell, thanks for joining us at ics this week.

LuLu said...

Super cute card. Many thanks for joining in with ICS this week.


Amy said...

Fabulous little flapper, I think she looks like you would if you get your wish to dress up as one! ;)
Fun card, it really makes me smile and I love that quote!

jo said...

Awesome job coloring Flapper Anya! She turned out so cute! This might be my favorite recent card of yours! :)

jo said...

Fabulous card Rinne! I love those colours!!

Jo (ICS) x

Randi said...

So cute Rinne!! Love the bold, lively colors!! Such a fun card!