Friday, December 18, 2009

Season's greetings and movies

Good evening, everyone! Today's post is REALLY late...he he! I usually schedule my posts in the morning but I thought I'd just post when I was done with the card.

This card is really simple for me, but I needed something quick as tomorrow is another work day. And I really need more cards to give to male relatives and friends. Thought I wouldn't make this creation as feminine as my usuals :).

This Sugarplums Winter Emma stamp was colored with Copics. I had finally bought my first pair of Uggs & decided to make Emma's boots black as well! (They are super comfy and warm by the way, and totally worth the price!). The PP is from Me & My Big Ideas and fabric is kol laj. Brads are from American Crafts.

So then, I saw that the well-versed and oh-so-cute Sparkle blogged about her and her DH's favorite Christmas movies. I thought I'd write about mine as well. For all of you who do not know me personally, I am a BIG movie buff. But you can probably tell here as I sometimes write about my latest fave flick :).

Anyway, during the first Christmas after my family and I moved from the Philippines (I was just a wee child), we watched 'A Christmas Story.' My three siblings and I were still suffering through a bit of culture shock but when we saw this funny film, it made us feel a lot better about spending the holidays in a then-strange country. It was hilarious, about a boy who got teased, and most importantly, about family. And so, since 1997, I have been watching this movie at least once every December!

And to add to my favorite Holiday movies' list are these next two movies: 'Love Actually' and 'Elf.'

Do I need to explain about Love Actually? It is SO wonderful!! From the storyline(s) to the soundtrack, the movie is pure genius to every romantic out there! I've probably already watched it twice this year...and it makes me cry and swoon and dance and sing each time! In fact, the first year it came out, I wanted to give this DVD to everyone on my Xmas list ...LOL!

And let's not forget Elf...a lot of my facebook friends' status updates stated that they are watching this movie! *ROFL* Will Farrell is freaking HILARIOUS!!! It is too cute & heartwarming as well!

Oh, wow..this was supposed to be a short post. If you have a chance, pls check out any of the movies above. You will not be disappointed! Have a great weekend, y'all!! 7 more days till Christmas!


Sparkle said...

Your card is darling. I think I need that Emma now, lol. I've never seen Elf, I will have to rent it!

Amy said...

Wonderful card, does look more that fabric!
I haven't had the time to enjoy all my fave Christmas movies this year, but I have seen Love Actually and Elf, Will Ferrel's best movie ever!

jo said...

Love it! I really love the non traditional Xmas colors too. :)

I have yet to watch A Christmas Story this month!

Pöydän kulmalla näpertelijä said...

Such a cute card! I love the colour scheme and the snowy background.