Monday, December 21, 2009

Sweet Magic

I can't believe how fast the Holiday season has been...there's only 4 more days till Christmas!! Am really trying to make more cards and post but there's just too many things left to do! Wrap presents, clean the house, pack for our trip. I'm off for two weeks but may not get to post here as often as I'd like.

And so, with every bit of spare time, I try to finish off my Xmas cards. This one features Amy's Sweet November Buttercup Reedweb stamp. I kind of messed up while coloring her wings so I decided to leave them out.

DSP: TGF's Merry Merry pack, a stamped-on CS (it was made in a class).
Accessories: Japanese masking tapes, pearls, Copics, Hambly sticker, handwritten sentiment.

So my hubby and I told each other we would not exchange gifts this year. We have Mattie's first big trip down to Southern Cali next week and with Christmas this year, we have a lot of big expenses. To my surprise, he asked for my TGF account password a couple of days ago. He had wanted to buy me a gift certificate but did not want to start a new account. Wasn't that really sweet? *AWWWW* I thought my DH was never quite happy with my hobbies of scrapbooking & stamping as I have my supplies all over the place (a scrap room is at the top of my wish list, Santa). But recently, he noticed that it is so important to me to be able to make a daily card after Mattie goes to sleep at night. :)

And now, I am SCRAMBLING to find something for him. He isn't the easiest to shop for -- I usually get him Best Buy gift certificates, shirts, or video games. If you have any ideas, please throw it out here.


Denise said...

Love it! Loving the purple hair!
Merry Christmas.

Amy said...

Oh Rinne, she looks beautiful! I love the purple hair, too!
I've no suggestions for guy gifts, they are always so tough to buy for and you've already listed my go to gifts for them! ;)
Enjoy you time off and have a safe and fun trip!

Sparkle said...

Such a lovely card! I love the colors. Have a great trip. I bought hubby concert tickets that he asked for...

Randi said...

Stunning!! Love how you used your Japanese masking tape!!! Especialy love the purple hair!! Sorry I've been missing! My family is her visiting and we've been super busy!! Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!! What a SWEET hub! Can't wait to see what you get with your TGF gift certificate!1

jo said...

Love the colors! :)

G's so smart for getting you that TGF GC. Carl wouldn't have been so thoughful! *lol*