Thursday, March 25, 2010



I've waited long enough...

Three years.

Ya think?

I FINALLY broke into my Love, Elsie Zoe collection. It's from 2007 and one of my favorite Love Elsie lines. Thought this painting cuppie stamp from Taylored Expressions was perfect for it.

The finished product has lots of different colors and designs. That's my mood for today. I think my cards always reflect my mood. Like today's is a controlled chaos. But full of happiness and completed tasks.

Later, I'll be heading to a very important meeting (*serious tone*). Right now though..I'm catching up on my favorite blogs. This is just breathtaking. And this is so true and made me laugh out loud!!!

Much love peeps,


Sparkle said...

Such a darling card! I love Elsie!

sunghee said...

i have the love elsie collection, too!
Perfect layout! artist cuppie goes so well with everything!

Randi said...

SOOO cute!! Love it! You crack me up! I thought I was the only one that hoarded collections that long!! I think I have some of this awesome paper stashed away, too..

You did an incredible job layering and always! So artsy! Have a wonderful weekend!

Amy said...

Way to finally raid that stash! You know I have a hard time with that too but isn't it so much fun to finally use some of that coveted paper? ;)
And I gotta say, these papers really are perfect with that cutie cuppie!

jo said...

Love that cuppie! You did an awesome job using your stash! So perfect!