Monday, March 29, 2010

Dream Home

Blogger is being a poo-poo head today and wouldn't upload my signature. Pardon the baby talk but I've caught my baby's cold / cough and am not feeling too hot.

Did I ever tell you why I'm on a crafting budget? The fam and I would love to have one of these like Jamie's. And if you say, "Well, now's the time to buy. It's a buyer's market." Not if you are a seller too. The DH & I have decided to keep saving this year and maybe we'll get our dream home next year. The condo is getting really small for our family of three but we are grateful of what we have now.

So, I shouldn't really buy lots of stamps. I told myself I'd limit myself to one or two a month and really use up my current supply of papers.

Anyway, that's why I got so excited when a co-worker asked to buy four of my cards! They're for another colleague who is getting married. They are to serve as keepsakes for her family for her upcoming shower / wedding. So if I'm selling, then I get to buy more, right? *wink wink*

The bride's wedding colors are pink and black. Thought I'd go for the simple route on the first one. Not one single stamp. The darker pink PP is from Creative Imaginations. The stickers are from EK Success (Jolie's) and the rhinestones are from Marcella K.

Am so tempted to open up an actual card boutique at my Etsy. But with my energetic almost 10-mo-old and my full time job, I am scared I may not be reliable at mailing cards out on time (& get a dreaded review! yikes!).

Enough with the babbling and the negative energy though...

When we do get THAT house (which I know we will soon), this idea for Mattie's future room / play area would be sooo cool!!!


Sparkle said...

Your card is lovely! I love the wall idea too!

Jamie Ko said...

your day will come Corinne. it took us a long time to achieve our dream (not to mention years of saving!). we're keeping our condo for right now, since the seller's market isn't too hot. luckily, we were able to find a renter to cover a big majority of the mortgage for the condo. we still have to put out a little bit, but its a small price compared to the overall picture. one day girl, one day!

keep up with the cards. i start scrapping again and just did layouts this weekend for K's album. woo hoo!!

Amy said...

Even on a budget you can create masterpieces and selling your cards just proves that even more! This is really pretty Rinne and you shocked me a bit with no stamping on it! ;)

jo said...

I'm with Jamie! Your day (and mine too!) will come soon and we'll both be living in houses and our kids will be playing with each other in each others' backyards!

Fab card, girlie! Good luck with your budget!

Randi said...

Beautiful and elegant Rinne!