Monday, March 8, 2010

Vacay Withdrawals

You know when you get into a funk the day(s) after a vacation? I always go into withdrawal mode! The longer the get-away is, the harder it is to stop daydreaming about the shenanigans I've done during the previous days.

But it also feels good to be home. Back to the routine. And I'm thankful to have one more day off before hitting the grind tomorrow. So about our trip to Lake Tahoe -- Let's see....there were nice days in the snow, lots of picture taking, great time with friends, yummy food. But unfortunately, no jacuzzi dips :(.

I forgot a bunch of things. Like my bathing suit. I was not about to go in there in my underwear. Or my long johns.

I forgot the white noise maker which we specifically bought for our trip. Bummer! Good thing Mattie didn't really wake up when the crowd went wild at night. Not party-wild. More like wild over Cranium and Twilight board games. Am a Twilight fan, but I have to say Cranium was so much fun!

I'm getting old. Hehehe.

Anyway, my card today features the cute little Baby Bunnies Chick from Amy's Sweet November Line. ATS had so many Easter stamps to choose from. But chicks have a soft spot in my heart. They remind me of the chicks I used to play with at my Grandfather's farm!

Uh-oh, I hear the babe calling me.. See you tomorrow!


Sparkle said...

Such a darling card and glad you had a great trip. I love playing board games too.

jo said...


Glad the trip was so much fun! :)

Ady said...

So glad you had a great time. Can't wait to see some vacation photos.

Amy said...

Awwww Rinne this is super sweet and I love how you've colored up this Baby Bunny!
Sorry to hear you didn't get to take a dip in that jacuzzi though the board games sound like they were a lot of fun! :)