Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day at our neck of the woods.


My hubby is a casual-kind-of-guy. The kind who's always in jeans or shorts and a shirt. He gets easily annoyed at people who stop by without calling first because that would mean he'd have to put on more clothes, LOL!

For his Father's Day card, I thought that Beach Day Buddies' Tobie was perfect! My DH loves to wear his sando (that's Tagalog for undershirt or wifebeater). I used a polaroid sticker as his couch and a computer to symbolize his video game.

For Father's Day, he asked for a day of down time. We went out with my family for some sushi. Then, I took the kids and some card supplies to my parents' and he had the whole house for the afternoon and evening. I'm sure he enjoyed his alone time playing his games but when I came home, I was surprised that he also cleaned around. I know, I know... he's kind of awesome.. at least sometimes. :)

Added a cool calendar sticker, graph paper, and that spectacular mini wooden man is from Studio Calico.

See you later,


Creations by Shirl said...

Such a cool card.. Main thing he did want he wanted to do... Men!!!!
Enjoy your day~

eva said...

wow, who need men needed some me time too. haha. great card and i like that little wooden man!