Monday, October 28, 2013

He makes my dreams come true... or supports me when I strive to do it myself! :)

Hi all!

Well, I finally finished my DH's birthday card. I meant well and finished coloring these Some Odd Girl images a week ago. Genie Gwen and Genie Kody are perfect to depict my hubby and me.


My hubbs is pretty much my best friend. And although, at times, he is resistant to what I the end, I always end up getting it. Because he either gives up or makes my dream come true. Hehehehe! So, yes, the genies are perrrrrrfeecttoooo!


Currently, I am pretty obsessed with setting myself apart from other crafters. What is my style? How can I be more unique? When I couldn't find the exact patterned paper for the card (even though where I stopped to shop -- Paper Tales -- in San Diego was totally cute), I decided to make my own. I wanted it to be all smokey! :) I used some gelatos and my metallic rub-ons on textured cardstock. Voila!!


Have a wonderful Monday night!!


Sammy said...

Lovely card Rinne, and such a great way to create your own background!
Hope your hubby has a great birthday! x

Sheena Brooks said...

Stunning and unique as always, Rinne!