Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Crappy feeling...

Am not feeling too good today....

1) Have a rash on my right arm that's been so itchy.
2) Had to take Benadryl to fix the itch...
3) Had to call in because of my itch and Benadryl-induced sleepiness.
4) Missed my walks because of crappy feeling(s).

Some things cheered me up though. Read some inspirational blogs and found that Vera Wang will be producing an affordable line at Kohl's, thanks to this blog. Finally registered at the new
Dares' site. And then, I got to scrap during the last couple of days.


jo said...

bummer you had to call in sick but wow, you got a lot done! :) yay!

iris said...

Hello!! Hey so nice to find a Filipina scrapper here!! Thanks for visiting my blog.

The Wannabe said...

Hey there! I noticed you're interested in fashion and thought you might like to check my new blog. It features great fashion picks at low prices. Prada is nice, but so is reality ;D

Check it at:


ps; I wish I could scrapbook.. you do it so well!

See you around!