Friday, August 17, 2007

Closer to Nature

I've always loved hiking, and I can't believe I didn't keep up my exercising up until a week ago! (It's so freaking easy to be lazy!!)

When I walked on the trail yesterday, I felt so pumped up yet so much at ease at the same time. The trail is sort of like a hill you have to climb from the streets, and the opposite side of the trail is a creek. So when I walk on the gravel, I have a view of the water, the reeds, and the birds on one side..and cars zooming by on the other. With my Ipod blaring in my ears, I felt like dancing. I also wanted to belt out and sing, though I thought that if I could sing, I need to walk a little bit faster!! On the trail, I also feel closer to God. Maybe it's because the trail is elevated, but it's also because all you see ahead is mostly the sky and trees! I really need to enjoy nature more!

Then, last night, my sis and I watched Jersey Boys at the Curran Theatre in the city. It's the Broadway musical about the 60's group Four Seasons, and sang hits like "Sherry," "Big Girls Don't Cry," "Oh What a Night," and my favorite, "Can't Take My Eyes Off You." I had goosebumps because the casts' singing was so awesome!! We had $40 seats which meant really far up the balcony--the only bad thing was I couldn't hear some of the lines. I was thankful for my sis' binoculars though. The Jersey Boys were cute especially Drew Gehling, who played Bob Gaudio, and Jarrod Spector, who convincingly played Frankie Valli. I've never seen the crowd dance along like that to a musical! I'd recommend seeing it!

So, it's my last day off before working the weekend, and I've made a to-do list. Let's see if I could actually finish them off.
1) Scrap.
2) Turn in submission to Studio Calico Design Team.
3) Finish doing laundry.
4) Figure out schedule switch for tomorrow and next week.
5) Wrap presents.
6) Exercise.
7) Shop for wedding 'fit for next weekend.
8) Pay bills.
9) Clean masters bedroom.
10) Date night tonight!

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jo said...

Love the pics of the trail! Hope you got a lot done on your to do list!