Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Back to scrappin'

One of the bad things about going on vacay (and there aren't too many!) was that I didn't get to scrap for two days! True, I could've brought my supplies, but the car was packed, and there wouldn't be time anyway. So, one of the reasons I was glad to be home is that I get to scrap!

This l.o. features Mike, our best man. He's Gil's bff, and my male one as well, and if it wasn't for him, we would've never met! Mike has tons of interests and degrees--he knows computers, he's traveled the world, and he's a chef! Right now, he works for Verizon. We keep telling him, he's way over qualified! (Used Label Tulip Playhaus and Recess Kit).

You are the Sunshine of my Life...that's why I'll always be ar-rrround.....Ok, that song was from L & J's wedding, and it's been stuck in my head. I hope I got the lyrics right..I'm never gonna win on the "Singing Bee," I always make up my own words!! HA ha!!

So this one is about my future-in-laws. I loved the bright picture! And the Starbucks card holder with the picket fence was perfect!! They've made quite a life together..a new huge house, a baby, and each other. I also love how romantic they are with each other....I always catch Albert touching Cathy's face in a tender way. When she mentioned how she didn't like the prominent mole on her chin, Albert told her, "Don't do that! That's my Cindy Crawford mole right there!" *LOL!* So cute! (Also used Label Tulip Kit with some stamping action in the background).

In between the church and reception last Saturday, we went home and I scrapped!! I was so inspired by the wedding so I took this pic of my friends from their November wedding and went wild! I liked the color combo here--I wanted to match her fall bouquet. But I was truly disappointed that my scanner couldn't scan the thick flowers!! And I don't have a nice digital camera that could take sharp pics yet :(. (Used Label Tulip with some Hambly).

The bride, L, had so many great ideas for her wedding!! I've got tons of tips on how to save more money!! And so, yesterday, I actually made lots of emails and calls for wedding planning! i'm so proud that I'm back on this mode! Have lots to do and people to see!!

Here are some pics from the wedding:

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