Friday, August 31, 2007

12 Days of Relaxation?

Today is officially the start of my vacay. And what do I do? I freaking wake up at 4:00 am!! I've been waking up really early lately and I can't go back to sleep! I'm hoping that I could nap later on though!

So, for this vacation, I'm not really going anywhere except maybe in the Sacramento area to visit my sis. She has her residency at UC Davis, and she could use some company as she's bored to HECK!! She'll probably be gone for long hours at a time, but I could always scrap while she's gone!

Speaking of scrapping, I finally entered some lay-outs for publication at Scrapsubmit, and I heard from Ready, Set, Create! for showcasing a page I did for last year's Halloween. Nothing's set, but I'm so happy that they liked my work!! Yay!!

But really, no more whining from me. I started a thread at SOML asking for advice on how to make it as a designer. It's true what Sara says...scrapbooking is so personal because it's all about your pictures, your memories, and your art. It's understandable that people take it so personally when their work doesn't get picked. But seeing it from a creative coordinator's perspective has opened my eyes and really encourage me to try once more!

Now, while I'm trying to plan out some relaxation, I can't help but look at the things looming over my head.

1) Wedding planning...I really need to pick my colors this week!!! Almost everything I still need to do depends on them: bridesmaids' dresses, flowers, cakes, invitations... I'm not 100% sure with the basic brown/green dress idea with sashes of different colors to match a tropical flare. I'm still thinking of orange as well! AAAAAAHHHHHH!!

2) Work meeting...Nursing Shared Leadership is really stressing me out. I have to figure a date/time for an upcoming meeting, and it's so hard to get other people to become more motivated and other people to lay off!!! Pooh on them!

3) A friend's bridal shower...I'm excited for one of my bff's upcoming wedding, and I'm in charge of getting the favors and decorations. I love putting together party stuff, but I just have to be very aware of the BUDGET!!

During the last couple of days, I got one page done. But i'm so behind with my daily candy cards!! I haven't done Monday's till today's. Haaaa....maybe I'll take a nap now and play later!

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jo said...

Yay for Ready Set Create! One step closer to reaching our goals this year! :) Yay!!!

I can't believe you have 12 days off - I'm so JEALOUS! :)