Friday, August 10, 2007

Full weekend ahead....

Am so excited!! Friends and fam will be coming tonight for my nephew's baptism, and I cannot wait!! I get to hold and play and kiss my nephew, Alexander! Plus, we get to go to the city and show my faves from Arizona a great time!!

But then, another friend already flaked! She was supposed to meet up for breakfast, but ended up falling asleep through it. She asked to meet up tomorrow night, but I regretfully said I already had plans. She, then, said she'll just stop by my house unexpectedly as she really wants me to meet her friend!! For all of you who know me...pls DON'T EVER SHOW UP AT MY PLACE UNANNOUNCED!! I really don't like that, I think it's rude, and plus, I may have art supplies all over the floor. Or worse, be in my underwear (when it's just me, I like to be free--teehee!).

Anyway, off to the post office to pick up my packages! I think it's the kit from SOML. One of the irritating things about working 12 hour shifts is you miss the postman/delivery guy! Maybe I can get some scrapping done before I have to clean the house for my guests!! Guests that are announced!!

Here are some cards I made: Geez, there are a lot of people born in August...I know, like, 3 more peeps!!


Stacy said...

cool stuff!!! thanks for stopping in on my rak stop by again!!

*fauve* said...

Love the layouts,you rocked the bampop girl!

Shirls said...

Hi Corinne. Thanks for dropping by my blog. For some strange reason, your comment didn't show up in the emails so I couldn't reply to you through email. You asked about what camera I have. It's a Canon 30d and I love it:)

Great layouts here. I love how you used the Bampop!

I'm another person with an August birthday:)

jo said...

Awww, you're so sweet for making cards for jeck and pom! I'm sure they loved them! :)