Monday, March 14, 2011

Happiest Around You


Good Monday morn', peeps!

I hope you are having a good week so far.

Another day of using my scraps and I am so HAPPY about that! Piled a bunch of PP and added an image my BFF, Jo, gave me. Added a sentiment from TGF's Spotlight kit.

So, I'm celebrating another 30-something birthday next month, and I wanted to have a small party at the crib. I'm having trouble of thinking of a cool theme. Whaddya think?

When I found out that I'm expecting another boy, I was sort of disappointed that I couldn't do girly parties. But then I realized that I could always do one for myself! I will be the QUEEN of the household afterall, right? Hehe!

*Just fyi, I am looking down at my bun in the oven right now and saying, "i Love you" and blowing him kisses because I don't want him to think I love him any less because he's a boy.* :)

I was obsessed with Alice in Wonderland for a while, but I'm not feeling that now. Having sort of a yoga/ spa thing is intriguing to me ... I think that would be a good bonding thing thing for me and my gf's. I also thought an 80's party would be fun!!! But I can't think of a cute eighties-outfit for a preggo.. haha!!!

Hmmm, decisions decisions... any good ideas, ladies??

See you soon!


KanataNewf said...

Absolutely adorable card - as for party themes. Hmmm....I'm plum out of ideas!

jo said...

Cute! Glad you could use the image!

I'm out of ideas for a party too! But knowing you, it's still going to be crafty and awesome! :)