Friday, March 11, 2011

Too Cool


So I bet you are wondering, "Wow, Corinne's got a post everyday for almost two weeks...her mojo went back with a BANG!"

Well, the mojo's been here alright but the truth is, I've been sick and had been off from work. I've been able to color and make cards in the comfort of my couch so I was making use of the time in between napping and and coughing out my lungs.

I think it may have been the flu, although I did get the flu shot. Preggie people's immune systems are just more susceptible. And the tater tot had been sick as well :(.

Now that I'm feeling better and will probably be back at work, I'm 'fraid I won't be able to make cards and post daily. My goal would be three times a week ... even if it's not about crafting.

Today's card is super simple. I think it took me all of five minutes to make it, not counting coloring Christian.

The PP are from October Afternoon, and I added some 'pearl ink' from a pearl pen. I'm so glad I got to make another 'boy' card.

Talk to ya later!


Amy said...

You know I love these bright colors and Christain looks very gnarly dudette! ;) Awesome boy card Rinne, love how fun it is!
Sorry you and tator tot have had the flu, but it was nice seeing all these fab cards from you! Take it easy and I hope you have a great weekend!

yyam said...

This is so cute! Love the happy mix of papers! And that image! :)

KanataNewf said...

Hope you are feeling better now - this is an awesome card! So good to see you crafting again, chickie!

jo said...

You're on a roll with posting! So cool!

Adorable boy card! I like the patterned paper you used with it - fits perfectly! :)