Sunday, April 17, 2011

Celebration Part Uno.

Who knew that this tiny thing....

picture source

could produce such instant little beauties that I would treasure forever?....


And isn't this PP from Jillibean the perfect pairing for these pics? I feel the scrapbook bug inspiring me!!

These pics were taken by my sis' new toy, a toy that is going on my growing wish list! I am usually the paparazzi of the group ... the camera is always by my side and I take TONS of pics. Most of the time, it's way past the comfort zone of my peeps. But you know what? Who do they come to when they want proof of this outfit or documentation of their special day?? Moi, of course!!

So last night, I celebrated my early thirty-somethin' birthday with most of my close girlfriends at Cascal, this lovely Spanish restaurant I had gone to just a couple of weeks before. The ambience was super fun, although the food wasn't as good as my first time there (but was still yummy).

I am blessed with a lot of supportive ladies, and this little girls' night out is much needed time for this busy working mommy. It keeps me well balanced and preserves my sanity, and sometimes, there is nothing like laughing out loud with your friends about stupid lady issues!!!! Topics covered included the joys/ mishaps of breastfeeding, weird pregnancy symptoms, girl crushes, and a ridiculous new dress code for work (to name a few).

I am a HUGE proponent of celebrating birthdays, no matter how old it makes you feel. I've decided it was just too much to throw a little themed shindig at the home right now. But it was so much fun and intimate to share some tapas (small plates of Spanish food goodness) and gelato. I am pretty much celebrating this whole week :), so hopefully, there'll be more stories and pics to come.

Thanks for visiting! Have an amazing Sunday, folks!!

P.S. These are probably the only preggo pics you'll see. I am big, and love my baby bump but not the thighs and the large a$$ that go with it! But it's very good that I haven't really gained weight....although, that is kind of bad as well!! haha! yikes!


KanataNewf said...

Look at you! You are positively glowing! Nice to see some happy preggo pics! You look terrific and it looks like you were all having a great time!

sunghee said...

Happy birthday~!!!
Cupcakes on your way! =)
Lovely photos, and you look fab!!!

Tanya R said...

Oh you are SOOOOOOOO gorgeous.

Happy Birthday! I forgot you were an April Baby too.

yyam said...

Happy birthday to you!

That looks like a fun toy! You look great! :)

Amy said...

Don't be so hard on yourself, you look positively radiant! :)

Happy, happy birthday my sweet friend... love the idea of celebrating all week long!

jo said...

Ooh! I've always wanted to pick up that camera! It looks so much fun!

You look fabulous! :)

Happy belated birthday, again!