Wednesday, April 20, 2011

First Movie

As part of my birthday week, I wanted to try to go to the movies with Mattie. It would be his first time, and I wanted to see if he was ready to share in one of our fave past times.

At home, he could mostly "sit" through a Disney DVD. He especially likes Toy Story 2 and Finding Nemo.

Here's a pic of my big boy in his cute skinny jeans and very own popcorn. He loved munching on it but thought the blue Icee that I got was weird.

For the most part, he did well. The last 20 minutes or so consisted of getting out of his seat and walking down the aisle, flipping chairs up and playing with the drink holder. He kept looking back at me and pointing at the "bok-kok." That's his word for birds (he mostly says animal sounds for animals :)). I couldn't help it, I had to take a picture of this.

After the movie, I asked one of the theater workers if Rio had a poster we could take a pic with. They only had the gigantic beach ball up on top but I knew I didn't want to miss taking a photograph of it.

Rio was hilarious, very entertaining! I knew that Mattie would love it as it had lots of animals and music/dancing. I enjoyed it as well! We were dancing along- at least our top halves of the body were trying to mimick the samba!

Here's a shot of MK outside the theater. I had a hard time getting him back in the car. Thought he'd be sleepy by then since it was close to naptime, but I think he was still too excited! So proud of my l'il tater tot!!

As part of a reward, I got him a Happy Meal that featured a toy from the movie. I saved the box to maybe make scrapbooking embellishments to scrap these pictures, but maybe I'll try to find some acid-free stickers of the movie characters instead. I'm even thinking of making Rio the theme of his upcoming bday :).

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sunghee said...

awww awww so cute!

Tanya R said...

Super sweet, my girls were 4 before I brought them to a movie, they were super active!


jo said...

So cute! What a great mama you are for taking him to the movies (and brave too! *lol*) We didn't bring J until he was almost 3 1/2 and we're already thinking of bringing him (alone) to see Cars 2. M is too malikot!

A Rio themed bday would be so much fun!

Ady said...

Ahhh... those are the memories I miss most. Mine is already asking for a car and he's only 12. Thank God he'll still sit with me in a theater. LOL