Tuesday, April 5, 2011

NEWS flashes!


What's that, you say?

Are those {AAAACCCCKK!} sentiments??

Yes, it's true! I gave in and actually bought sentiments.

For me, personally, I'd rather save my money and get more stamps. I tend to just hand-write on cards.

But, c'mon! Who could resist Kim Hughes' writing? I just LOVE her style! Unique, fun, sassy!

I also like these sentiments. Yup! For now, those are the only two I'd buy.

Anyway, here's a simple card I made using Kim's new Boob Tubes stamps. Aren't they super cute and retro?

No coloring here, just paper piercing. It's a perfect card for my DH, but since I've already made him a mini card for our upcoming anniversary, I may save this one for later.

In other news, do any of my 7 blog friends wanna come with me here?:

In case you were wondering, this is what Spark is all about.

I actually didn't hear about it till last year when I read about it on Ady's post. I just swooned at all the decorations and stuff they learned.

I still don't know if I can afford to go but if I know that I won't be alone during those two days, I would be more inclined to whine till Gil says yes!

Any of you going? I want to meet her. I'm so intrigued by her. And I'm a huge fan of her!!!


Sparkle said...

This is just darling!

Mary J said...

I just adore your card, Rinne! And I agree - the sentiments are just brilliant!!!

yyam said...

This is adorable! :)

Love the news flash sentiment!

KanataNewf said...

Love the card - it made me smile.

jo said...

Yay for sentiments! I don't know why I'm such a sentiment geek - I think it's because I hate my handwriting. *lol*

Love the card - so cute!

I'll go with you to Spark if it works out with my schedule at home - I'm actually on vacation that week! Why do you need 7 friends to go?

sunghee said...

I love the clean look.
ummmm... isn't your baby gonna be like 3 months old? I would go if it's a driving distance. =(

Amy said...

Super cute and fun card Rinne... I can totally see why those sentiments won you over! :)

I've not heard of the Spark event before but it looks pretty amazing and right up your alley! Hope you find a friend or two to enjoy it with. :)