Sunday, April 3, 2011


So I've been having insomnia again. And I pray to God it doesn't last. I know that pregnant women experience this towards the end of their pregnancy... be it because they're so big that it gets so uncomfortable to rest. Or some even say that it's Mother Nature's way of getting you used to what's to come when the newborn arrives. Anyway, I am only almost 26 weeks. That means 14 more to go. So I really hope I'm not doomed to lay wide-eyed at night just yet. Especially since I get up at 5 am three days a week to work my 12-hour shifts. And I've got the tater tot to take care of when I'm off.

Last night, as I lay there listening to my two guys snoring away, I read one of my favorite blogs. Like all the way from 2008 to present day. Right now, aside from my favorite card blogs, I really enjoy the ones that share a bit more personal tidbits of their private lives.

I originally chose not to do that with my blog. I mean I already have Facebook, which I meticulously edit to make sure my privacy settings are up to date. And that my boss, who also happens to be a friend, do not see the partying pics..if ya know what I mean. I already fear that I share too much out there in the FB world.

But upon reading my fave blogs, I noticed that what brings me in is exactly those tender, personal moments. I would love to document here what Mattie is like when he is 22-months. And what it's really like to be pregnant with my second child. I've always kept a diary/ journal in my younger years. I just gotta make sure it's not TMI, right? :)

What I also like is how I much I relate to these wonderful women. It must be therapeutic to write your feelings in almost-poetic fashion and be able to read it back after all these years. I'm not saying I'm a great writer by any means but this would be wonderful practice.

I believe the cause of my insomnia has a bit to do with all the stresses that are going on in my life. Nothing super bad but I'm kind of a worry wart. Tried talking about them with my sisters about them so I do feel better. Anyway, that's a-whole-nother post/ story.

Wanted to share this pic of Mattie:

Buwahahahahahahahahah!!!! Doesn't it just make you wanna laugh out loud?!!! My sis showed me a new iphone app that allows pics to look like comic books. I am thinking of doing a future post on all of my iPhone photo apps -- I've got like 5 faves and am constantly getting asked on FB "How'd you do that?"

He looks just like my dad in his college yearbook. Too bad I don't have that pic to show you!

Right before bed last night, M cracked me up. It was late and he wouldn't go to sleep so I started singing (more like humming to) him the Pajanimals' lullaby:

He started singing along! I was so happy! It had been the first time I heard him 'sing.' It's been a struggle trying to get him to speak more words so I really loved hearing his version! It was off-key, but who cares? :)

Oh, and before I forget, here's a recent simple card I made:


I was too lazy to do the fussy cutting and opted to cut the images out in squares. I don't like how the scene came out. I also had a fence to add but it was just too darn big! Oh well, I may add a ribbon or something to it, but for now, it's gonna go on my pile.

Have a great Sunday!


sunghee said...

I'm so sorry about your insomnia. I've always had a problem sleeping, so I know how miserable it can be. HOpe it'll get better soon!!! AWwwww~~~~!!! Mattie rocks!

Tanya R said...

Fab card, and love the photo of Mattie! I tend to worry too much as well, it is the part of me that wants the best for my girls so I worry about every little detail.

Hugs to you Rinne,

Amy said...

So sorry to hear that you are worrying about things and not getting much sleep... BIG hugs my friend! I hope everything gets better for you soon. :)

That comic book photo of Mattie is just fantastic... I can totally see you scrapping a page like that! And the card is really cute too, don't be so hard on yourself!

KanataNewf said...

Hope your insomnia passes soon - maybe try a soothing bath?

Love the pic of Mattie. Too cute.

And I think the card works fine just as is!