Monday, April 4, 2011



Did you ever have a favorite line of patterned paper that you collected? And hoarded? And not used even after much time has passed?

For me, it started out with anything Love, Elsie. I mean finding this link and seeing that I missed out on a lot of the 2008 lines is kinda making me anxious right now! Hehe!

But seriously, I had bought every product from my local scrapbooking store. And went online for the other stuff that were unavailable. It took me a good year or two to probably start breaking into the packages and using them.

Then came the Dear Lizzy (Spring Line). I was smitten by the bright colors and girly themes. I am already partial to bicycles but flowers and tiny birds and a clothesline?? *GASP* I was in HEAVEN!

The difference is I used them right away as I had bought multiple pages of my favorite papers.

I mean, just take a look at my card for today. Isn't that just a lovely scene? The whole thing was created using a portion of the fabric paper. Which I've used many times before.

Cupcake Birgitta celebrating her birthday in the backyard ... LOVE! Just added some ribbon and a cut-out of this cupcake from a Basic Grey PP.

Speaking of parties in the backyard, I can't wait to start planning Mattie's 2nd birthday. Our backyard is pretty big.

Now, I just gotta think of a theme :).


yyam said...

So sweet! Loving those cupcakes! :)

I don't hoard papers...I hoard tools! *LOL*

Tanya R said...

What a great card, and I am so envious of your backyard! Why not do an obstacle course theme. You could incorporate hand made banners into it, and make paper ribbon pins as prizes. Things like a fishing pond, potato sack races, egg with spoon.....


Amy said...

Oh sistah you are preaching to the choir on the paper hoarding, LOL! I do that too just a little bit... ;)

But it is cards like this that make me finally break down and actually use all those great papers... this is ADORABLE! Birgitta really does look like she is celebrating in her back yard. :)

And I can't wait to hear what theme you come up with for Mattie's b-day party!

Sparkle said...

Yeah...I have packs of paper stashed away, lol. Your card is darling!

KanataNewf said...

Hoarding, hmm. If you lived closer and could see MY stash...!

Love today's card.

jo said...

So pretty!

I'm a total hoarder - you've seen my craft room. *lol*

sunghee said...

awww awwww so cute~~~!!!!
Can't believe Mattie is turnig two already! What's the theme this year?