Friday, April 13, 2012

Mini-Albums with my Fave Scrapbookers!


Hi everyone!

As promised, here are the rest of the pics of the mini albums taught by Kelly Purkey and Amy Tan's workshop. If you want to see the rest and more of the class, please head on over to the post before this one.

I didn't have time to edit the rest of the pics so pardon the darkness and size of them. As you can see from the first one, I still don't have the watermark thing figured out in FlickR's new Aviary editing tool. I swear I didn't mean to brand that pic with an obnoxious-sized mark of my name right in the center.

Amy's is above and we used her new line from American Crafts, Sketchbook with some cool water colors. Kelly's below is done with lots of misting and masking and we used Studio Calico. LOVE both!

It was really nice how they signed my albums :). I would totally recommend taking classes from them!



Amy said...

Your album is a one of a kind treasure Rinne!

Lalo said...

OMGoshness!!! What an awesome mini and it looks like and awesome class. Your a very lucky gal. Got to get in on some of these classes on my next cali trip!!!