Thursday, April 12, 2012

Scrapping with my Favorite Celebrities!

The other day, I had the privilege of taking classes from these two:


I know, right??

You must be like, "SHUT UP!" or "No Way!"

But it is true!

My Local Scrapbook Store (LSS) Our Paper Place hosted a workshop led by the wonderful Kelly Purkey and Amy Tangerine.

They just happen to be my most favorite scrappers!!! I stalk, errr, read their blogs all the time! Love KP's graphic style and honesty. I am inspired by Amy's free/ easy-going art and openness!


When we were introducing ourselves to the class, I said that when I first started in the craft, I had wished there were more of these two lovelies out there. I was young, single, had lots of friends and went on lots of outings. But I always longed to find connection with the famous scrapbookers. They were Caucasian and always scrapped about families and kids. Don't get me wrong, there's totally nothing wrong with that and I could still relate. But when you're in your teens/ early twenties and you're trying to find yourself, well... let's just say something was missing for me when I looked at magazines or blogs. For a long time, I had scrapped about my friends, my dreams, even about clothes! :)

So, along came these two young Asian women and I am really digging their work! Of course, now I'm no longer in my twenties and am married with two kids. But I still love to scrap about my BFFs, my designer purses, and food at restaurants (LOL!). And that's what I love about this hobby! There's such a wide range of products and styles and celebrities!

Anyway, enough yapping....



The first and third lay-outs were taught by Amy. The second one was from Kelly. Pardon the watermarks -- I'm not quite used to FlickR's Aviary (bye bye Picnik, I'm so sad!). I thought I put them at the bottom. And the third one doesn't have pics on it yet. Do you spy the TGF stamp I used? :)

I'll be blogging about the mini-albums we did tomorrow!



Trina said...

I totally get it... Great pages! You know you can use Google Plus and have the same stuff from Picnik, huh? It's not as cute, but it works the same.

Creations by Shirl said...

What beautiful pics - memorable those darling layouts...
You are an expertise with those now... Gorgeous!
Have a super weekend...

eva said...

wow, so lucky!! great layouts too!

Amy said...

I can see that you totally had a blast at this workshop! Your pages are so fun and amazing, I've always thought that your personality really shines through in everything you create! I would love to have a crop with you!

sarah said...

what a fantastic job with those projects! you should come take the prima art journal workshop next month at the shop. i'm actually going to be taking it. it's gonna be good!


thanks for the blog love.