Saturday, April 7, 2012

Seeing Green, Yellow, and STARS!

Blogger is a bit crazy tonight...

I think it knows I'm trying to blog in less than 10 minutes (I'm a slow blogger), and it purposely did not upload my pics all at once! Hee hee!

Thought I'd do a non-crafty post today and just talk about the latest happs.

Haven't been doing well with my One Little Word (as discussed in this post here). But I thought juicing was a start! And you know, I am quite loving the mixture of kale/ spinach/ bananas/ and whatever fruit we have in the fridge. Add a can of coconut juice (only 80 cals/ 20 gms carbs) to offset the bitterness, and it really is yummy! And I feel so refreshed, more energetic, and healthier! Found these mason jars at Target...they are adorable! I even want to put scrapbooking supplies in them!

Here's my tater tot sporting one of his Spring-time jackets :). We've had a lot of visitors on our neck of the woods, and he's been enjoying lots of play time with cousins and second cousins! We're hosting an Easter egg-hunting fam-bam thing on Sunday, and I'm so excited that he gets to do this for the first time!

Staring contest with my little chunky monkey! He's learning to pull himself up so this Mommy's a bit nervous. He's also making crawling motions. Awww, they grow up so fast! But at the same time, I'm revelling in each milestone moment! Can't believe he's already 9 months! Three months more and he'll no longer be a baby! Still no teeth but I totally adore that wide, gummy smile of his!

Lastly, I am thoroughly enjoying Draw Something on my iPhone. Google Reader's got some competition with my time. But it really is so much fun! I'm even thinking of getting a stylus so my drawings get better. I know, total NERD, right? :)

Happy Easter weekend! I'm so excited to be STAR STRUCK later today!!! But that's a-whole-nother story! teehee! (such a tease!)


Amy said...

Your two cuties are changing so much, where does the time go?! Tater tot looks like quite the big boy and your li'l one is so sweet, I just want to snuggle him! I didn't cut my first tooth until I was one year old, so he still has some time! :)
I know your drink is better than it looks, I've been drinking a smoothie that is spinach, banana and whatever frozen fruit you have.
Have a wonderful Easter with all your family, Rinne!

eva said...

your older boy is so handsome and gosh, your younger one is so cute still with those chubby little cheeks! yeah, i miss those baby days. interesting drink--i'll have to try it one day. have fun searching for eggs!

Wajma said...

I recognize that drawing. And the cute boys!! Btw, the drink was yummy. Thanks for the shot!