Saturday, March 2, 2013

Chin Up, Buttercup!

Hello everyone!!!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Saturday evening.  I've spent the whole day trying to potty train our 3-year-old.  And it hasn't been going well.  I'm really trying to be patient and not get mad, but this is harder than I thought.   

I knew that it would be trying, but I thought if my other friends could do it, so could I.  I just cherish my weekends off so it's a little maddening that we can't really go anywhere on such beautiful days.  Oh well!  Just a bit of a sacrifice when you are a parent.  I know the end result would be so worth it!  Diaper-free days!  Leave a comment if you've got tips for me please. 

On the "brighter" side of things, Time for Tea Designs has new releases. This is Chin Up, Buttercup, and she is so very lovely!


I had just watched the Oscars and was very enamored by Jessica Chastain's beauty and vivrant red hair. I wanted to do a different hair color, and she turned out quite pretty, if I do say so myself. I wanted to keep her feminine characteristics and colored her ensemble pink. And when I was looking for papers, this colorful city scape turned up and I immediately wanted to use it as the whole scene was channeling Sex and the City.

Loved that show! Especially Miss Carrie Bradshaw! The papers and embellishments are from my stash, including that crinkly ribbon at the bottom (care of Amy Young).

I'll have another card showcasing a new release tomorrow afternoon! Thanks for visiting!




Sheena Brooks said...

Absolutely lovely Rinne.

eva said...

pretty card and image! you know in some countries they potty train their kids super early like before one year? anyway, i think the earlier you start the better. my daughter was potty trained with her poop before one. mostly because you could always tell when she was about to go so i'd put her on her potty. my 3rd one was harder so he wasn't trained nearly as early. we used mini m&ms with him and that worked. just before he turned 3 to go to preschool. the things kids do for candy!