Friday, March 1, 2013


IMG_7786 (2)

Happy Friday, peeps!!

I'm very happy as it is my weekend off! Work has been awfully busy, and I'm glad I've got the next couple of days off to catch up on my craft stuff. How about you, what have you got planned for your time off?

I made this hot Valentine's card for my hubbster and totally forgot to take a pic of it and post on V-Day. Isn't she so sexay? But I love the fact that Mashi's Muffins Sweets has got her rolls and her thickness because that's what I look like. And my hubby loves me for me. :)

I may have gone overboard with the stipple brush effect, haha! Stamped some color into those wood veneer sayings from Studio Calico. HAve I mentioned that I am obsessed with wood veneers?!!!!

IMG_7787 (2)

Have a great one, everybody!!