Sunday, March 10, 2013

Daylight Savings...


Good Sunday mornin', everyone!!!

It has been a crazy work week, but after the middle of this week, I have some time off! I'm hoping to catch up on your blogs and have some crafty time too. I'm going on a bit of a vacation but I'm not quite sure how much I'll be bringing. And by that, I mean art supplies like Copics!

Anyway, for Christmas Card Challenges (#15), it's sketchy time! There's a sketch on the blog that you should use as a guide. Of course, like all the challenges at CCC, this one's optional. All we really require is that you create a Holiday or Winter-themed card.

I followed the sketch pretty much to a T! The image of this handsome angel is from Make it Crafty. I'm so proud of myself for not buying any new Christmas supplies and chipping away at my Xmas stash :). I hope you visit the other DT blogs for more inspiration!

Have a great rest of the weekend!

I had one day off in between two long stretches of work. I told myself that I'd just stay in bed all day, catch up on my DVR, cuddle with the kiddies, and may be do some Project Life. I really needed to rest. But the day was so beautiful outside. And I had missed my sisters (one just came back from celebrating her bday in Vegas and the other went back to work after having her baby). So the boys and I joined the two of them and my niece. We had lunch at a new, local joint (it was pretty good). And then, of course, went shopping! I was in dire need of something to organize the supplies I use for Project Life, and I'm excited that I found something.

In the end, I was pretty beat. And with my luck, of course it had to be Daylight Savings. For those of you who are not familiar with it, at 2 AM on Sunday morning, we move the clocks forward. Meaning 2 AM would really be that means I lose an hour of sleep. GAAAAAH!!! This is so there'd be an hour extra of sun light at night (hence the term daylight savings). G has turned all the clocks to the Daylight Savings time already so it kinda feels like it's pretty late.

*yawn* 'scuse me. Toodles!!

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