Thursday, August 22, 2013

Making Flairs at Some Odd Girl.

Hey, how's it going?

Today, I am featured at the Some Odd Girl blog, and I wrote up the Tutorial Post on Making Flairs.  If you don't scrapbook or are not quite familiar with flairs, here is an example from Skipping 5:


They make great embellishments for crafty projects, not only scrapbook lay-outs, but cards and altered items as well.  They kind of remind me of bottle caps in a way.  They are round, thick, and are very cute.

You can personalize and make your own using a flair maker.  But if you don't have hundreds of dollars to spend, you can also try these cheaper, similar alternatives.  What's good is you probably have these items in your craft room already.

You will need some round, epoxy stickers.  Or Glossy Accent glue.  Or the Epiphany button maker (I have Round 20 shown here) and its coordinating buttons.


Gather up some Some Odd Girl images. I've used the clear critter stamps from Hey Kaylee and Gwen in Bloom and the swirls from Artist Mae.  I also shrunk a digital stamp - Tropical Mae, and will be using her top half.  You can leave the image uncolored, color them, stamp them on patterned paper, color the background, etc.  So many different options!


The easiest ones are the stickers, of course.  Just line up and cut away!


For the glossy accent, squeeze the glue on the middle and do not stop to prevent air bubbles.  Also, less is more!


Here's what it looks like:


I ended up going over the part I wanted for Tropical Mae below, so i let it dry (8 hours overnight), and traced a circle on the back and proceeded to cut it out.  I ended up cutting into the glue part as well.


Follow the instructions on the Epiphany button maker, which includes lining up image through that hole in the middle. 


I decided to make a scrapbook lay-out that would house my flairs.  I am very much into ink splatter right now.


And this is the finished product:


Added some star glitter and washi tape with Super Tobie.  And of course, pics of the little tater tots in their SuperHero raincoats! 


Aren't the flairs a nice addition to all the backyard fun?  I love how they're different sizes as well!



Hope you enjoyed it!  SOG is having a whole week of tutorials so make sure you stop by everyday! 


Jossie Michel said...

Love this! The layout is soooo cute! My next purchase has to be this lil machine! Love your flairs!

lenny said...

Just saw this on the SOG blog!!
Totally awesome!! Fab idea!!
Perfect little details for this layout!! Awesome!!

Sheena Brooks said...

Sweet layout Rinne!