Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Art Inspiration & a Survey

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Good Tuesday morning, everybody!

It may mean going back to work after the long Labor Day weekend holiday for some of you. For me, it marks the midway point of my maternity leave... BOO!

Sure I miss my job, my co-workers, and my patients. But it also means less craft time, and I'm sure you'll agree that that kinda blows!

Anyway, no card today but I've got some inspiration and some random ramblings for y'all!

Some of you know that we had moved into a new home. It's been a year since then, and I'm sad to say that my craft room hasn't really changed much from this. Except the bins and boxes got moved alongside the walls :).

I told myself I'd get it organized during my leave (or as my friends who do not have kids call it, "vacation"), but that's not realistic really in our household of a toddler and a new baby. And procrastination, lack of funds, and lots of excuses, LOL.

What I am looking forward to going back to my job would be the full paycheck though. That means I'll be closer to affording my dream craft room :). Heck, I'm just grateful to have my own space after so long!

In my future craft haven, I already know that I'll be putting up frames (or at least a bulletin board) of some art inspiration. Shown above are pics that I bought from my favorite artists in the craft world:

1. Elsie Larson (formerly known as Elsie Flannigan), from Red Velvet/ Love, Elsie line from KI Memories.

2. My good bloggy friend, Amy Young from A Thousand Sheets of Paper & Sweet November stamps.

3. Kristy Dalman of Some Odd Girl.

Aren't their art prints and homemade cards just phenomenal?!! They all provide art inspiration for me and that works a lot for my craft mojo! How about you, who or what do you find most inspiring? I'd love to hear!

And totally unrelated, but I came upon this fun A-Z survey from Kristy's blog. I LURRRVVVE filling these out so I hope you get to play along. Make sure you post a self-portrait too and tell me that you've done it so I can come check it out.

(technically taken last month but you don't want to see me now at 3 am)

A - Z Survey.

A. age: Let's just say I'm in my early 30's :P

B. bed size: King. Love how it's so big and comfy!

C. chore you hate: Washing the dishes and cleaning the toilet. I'm so lucky that my hubby loves to clean! :)

D. dogs: I prefer them over cats except for Hello Kitty, haha! My sibs all have doggies so I get my pet fix that way.

E. essential start to your day: Breakfast! Without it, I get so cranky!

F. favourite colour: It changes every season, but my favorite color combo is green, orange, and pink.

G. gold or silver: Silver.

H. height: Short, a l'il over five feet! (shut up, Jo!)

I. instruments you play: I had piano lessons since school age but haven't kept up with it unfortunately.

J. job title: Registered nurse, mommy, wifey...

K. kids: 2, and my dream would be a third one that's a girl!

L. live: Bay Area, California.

M. maiden name: Reyes. I miss that name.

N. nicknames: Dooks, Corn chips, Crunchee, Yen, LadyGirl...

O. overnight hospital stays: 3. Two when I was preggers/ in labor and one as a child.

Q. quote: Love Life and Life Will Love You Back - by Arthur Rubenstein. I also love anything by Kahlil Gibran.

R. righty or lefty: Righty.

S. siblings: 2 sis, 1 bro.

T. time you wake up: With a new baby, I am up every 3-4 hours. *yawn*

U. university attended: college in California. I have a bachelor's degree and dream to have my master's someday.

V. vegetables you dislike: That bitter lettuce, I always forget the name. Brussel sprouts, yuck. You know I won't be making my kids eat those LOL!

W. what makes you run late: Getting the kids ready/ packing the diaper bag. Facebook (buwhahahaha!) and the internet.

X. x-rays: Multiple. From my teeth to my arm.

Y. yummy food: Right now, I'm craving some breakfast (a Filipino dish called Tocilog) but I probably won't eat till 8 or 9 or so, phoooey.

Z. zoo animal favourite: I always love watching the little critters -- frogs, butterflies, lizards.



mel tee said...

cute!! miss your surveys except you are dooks. i'm gonna blame your mama brain ; )

angie ashuk said...

We moved last year and the first thing I did was organize my scraproom, but I didnt have a new baby :). I think scraproom tellyou something about the person, dont you? I love the survey. I'll be doing it later todaY.

jo (http://joboogie.typepad.com) said...

Good luck with getting your scraproom organized! Hope you don't get a lot of resistance from the G! Your room is huge - it will go to waste if you don't use it for your CRAFTS! :)

Can't wait to see what you do with all of your prints too!

Love the survey - gonna have to try it out too! :)

love ya!

Kristy said...

I'm so glad you love your prints! :) Loved your survey answers. How funny that the "what makes you late?" one seems pretty consistent with us Moms lol!