Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Assistant Nurse Manager.


Hi all,

I was looking at some pictures of my cards when I noticed a couple didn't yet have the watermark I usually put on. I figured I had yet to post those.... am praying you haven't seen them before :).

This is one I made for my assistant manager. I know she looks super young, but I think she is super cute. And she reminds me of my ANM because of her long hair and personality. My ANM may be young but I think she's doing a great job. To me, you have to be a wonderful listener, know your resources, and be open to looking at solutions together. That's what makes good management.

Anyway, my ANM also did stamping so I stayed clear from TGF and SOG, which she has already seen and worked with :). This stamp is from Saturated Canary. I really love the hexagons paper behind her (I'm really bad at writing supplies down) and how her socks turned out!


See ya later, alligators!


Danni said...

Wonderful card!!

The Coco Martha said...

Beautiful card and great coloring!!