Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wood Land Party, part 2 of 2.


Hi everyone,

I had to divide my post on Oliver's Woodland Party into two because it was getting really, REALLY lengthy and pic-heavy. Here's the rest of the details.

The beautiful cake was bought by my other sis. I had eyed the toppers on Etsy so I told her to just have the bakers put lettering on the cake and I'll take care of the decorations.


These oh-so-cute forest critters were sold to me by Irma Niekum on Etsy. I just love them!

And on the food items, I decorated them with these toppers sold by Glocho on Etsy. They are all so adorable as well! I have been very lucky at Etsy with these sellers and I'd recommend all of them (pls see other sellers on part 1 of this party).

Anyway, my sole intention of putting these cupcake toppers on the food is to decorate them to encompass the woodsy theme. I realized later that I may have unintentionally grossed some people out -- for example, putting the racoon on the beef dish made it seem like I was serving racoon!! LMAO!


Critters in the moss/alien forest!


Beaver in the bark-like crackers dessert!



I'm sorry, this is chicken and not owl. :)






The celebrant's onesie was designed by Simply Sublime Baby from Etsy. I didn't get a good pic of the front but that's a fox and squirrel and a skunk. Really very graphic and cute!


The back view also had a cool detail!


All drooly and before his first haircut!


Big bro in the bouncer closest to the woodland theme.


A pic of me and my SIL in front of the banner that JoBoogie made! Thanks, hon!


And a family picture. (I look so tired but the party was so worth it!).


Lastly, I wanted to show what else we had. It's called a "Pabitin," and it's a game from my childhood. My mom had gone to the Philippines earlier last year and got it. We tied games and prizes to the squares. A main rope was tired in the center and harnessed to a tree so that one could control the frame to go up and down. Kids reach and jump and grab their prizes. :).


Thanks for visiting! I wonder what theme I'll come up with this year. I'm thinking of doing a combined party for the two of them since their bdays are only a month and few days apart!

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Cathy Pascual said...

What a fun party! I love the theme and those felt animals are adorable! I also love party game. I wonder if they sell that in the US too. Great alternative to a pinata!