Tuesday, September 11, 2007

And it's over....

Dang!!! 12 days of vacay are gone, just like that! Today is my last official day off before I have to go back to work, and I still have lots to do!! But I told myself to limit it because I want to relax today! How do I do that??

1) Well, for starters, I'm going to finish the rest of the Desperate Housewives, Season 3 DVD's.
These women will stop at nothing to get what they want, and it so unbelievable and full of drama! But the show is

2) While watching the show, I'm going to scrap and/or finish doing my Daily Candy Cards. I think I ended with September 5th.

3) I also will flip through wedding magazines for more ideas and images. I'm really bummed out that I didn't do more planning during my vacation. Plus, the florist that I really wanted isn't available for my wedding date. Phooeeey!!! Throughout this whole wedding planning biz, I find myself trying to compromise on which part I should really budget on. But being detail-oriented proves to be difficult as I find myself pondering over flowers and invitations and decorations. I can't decide!! Maybe it's invitations? I'm truly scared that after Gil and I spend money on invites, people may just throw them away (?) ----*GASP!* But they do showcase what the wedding will be like, so I do want something classy and beautiful! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!

But, let me take in a deep breath!!! After all, I am supposed to be relaxing today! Maybe I'll turn off my phone and computer for awhile after this.....

Here are some cards and a lay-out from the previous days:

Made from A Million Memories Kit, these Rusty Pickle, Hambly, and Heidi Swapp goodies were perfect for my pirate pics *ARRRRRR!!!!

And then, the following 4 cards were made from the bits and scraps left over from July Label Tulip, SOML, and I *heart Candy Collection from SIS TV.


Nicole Carro said...

Great cards - my fave is the little bam pop boy card. Ihope the wedding planning is a whole lotta fun - enjoy it!

jo said...

Wow, you're on fire with the cards! :)

Sucks your vacation is over! Glad you got a lot done though! :)