Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A bout of insomnia

This is what I get for taking a nap at 7 pm! I'm not usually up till 2 am anymore (Am gettin' old!) so I thought I'd blog. That usually takes a lot out of me since I upload all sorts of stuff in here.

Had a pretty good Labor Day. Went to fam's house where sisters and I and my mom cooked lunch consisting of fried rice, nan (sp?), curried potatoes, and eggplants. Pretty healthy! I so missed my mom's cooking even though she really only made the fruit salad for dessert. Kate's experimental cooking turned out good..but my mom kept telling her to just buy the "tortillas" instead of cooking it from scratch. *LOL* We, then, had to tell her it was Indian bread, and not Mexican!

I've forgotten how chaotic my fam's household can be! My mom, sissies, and I were really loud in our gossiping, cooking, and laughing! It was fun telling them about the wedding planning. But I'm so horrified at my mom's addition to the list! It keeps getting larger and larger!! AHHHHH!!

Then, my fiance and youngest sis and I went to the mall...bad idea! It was packed and I got irritated at the long lines!! I finally got what I was looking for at the 3rd shopping area/mall that we went to! OMG!!

Back to home, where I got some scrapping done. At first, I didn't quite know what to do with the Sonora High collection at SIS TV, but then, I'm totally happy with what I did with the notebook and also the book I made. The book was made out of the mini file folders included and I adhered the pages with the fasteners. Boy did those things take me back to school :)!!

Here's each scanned page of my book:

And here's the notebook I altered:

Used Sonora High Kit with Hambly, Bampop, and misc flowers/ribbons.

*BIG YAWN* Ok, now I'm sleepy! Good-night, y'all!


Peggy Severins said...

Wow great job on using those SISTV goodies. I simply love it!

WriterGirl said...

those are some great Sonora High goodies!! love the mini book!

Nat said...

awesome layouts!!!!! Love them!

Vee said...

awesome mini! ;)

melanie said...

WOW - that is some serious scrappin. everything looks awesome - i love the mini.

jo said...

Very cool! Love the mini book! :)

Balou said...

Just found you via SIStv. I love your layouts! Very cool stuff!

(Lou on SIStv)