Monday, September 24, 2007

Recovering from the AWESOME weekend!!

Oh boy, was I glad when J from staffing said I could have an A-day (when there are more nurses than patients and you get part of the day off)! That meant I get to sleep in after having 4 hours of sleep! I just couldn't sleep till 1 am because my internal clock got all screwed a good way!

It started out with P's bridal shower, and it was laid back and fun! My fellow bridesmaids and I were nervous, but it worked out! P had a lot of fun and all my hard work totally paid off!!

Then, onto the WILD part of the night: the bachelorette party!! After a 20 minute nap, I changed and headed to the city to the Clift Hotel, where one of the MOH's friends totally hooked us up! The pics are kinda racy but I will post this "innocent" one in the elevator:
It has been a long time since I went clubbing with the girls, and it was very unforgettable!! It sure got me thinking about what I'd like with mine! And, boy, do I have some risky pics to scrap! Too bad I can't post them here! *wink*

Then, as if the weekend couldn't get any better...Jo told me she had extra tickets for JUSTIN!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!! It was so freakin' awesome at the concert!
I would LOVE, LOVE to have a camera like Caroline's (and her mad photographic skills) to take pics of JT!!!! Thanks so much, Jo!!!

In the midst of it all, my PTO bank (I got paid for this day off) is depleting and I scrapped some goodness:


Anna Zalamea said...

hi Corinne!! I absolutely love your Pure Heaven LO -- so adorable! I love your fun, eclectic style :) thanks for sharing and thanks again for visiting my blog.

Ady said...

Hi Corinne. I love your layouts and how lucky are you to have gone to see Justin. He is so delish and talented too. Jo stopped by my blog and read my post about The Dares Book and she told me they you guys are starting the challenges. She invited me to join and I would love to. Check out my blog:
Have a great day...