Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It's been a Great Scrappin' and Tootin' Day!

..Well, at least during the last couple of days!

This l.o. got picked to be
AMM's Lay-Out of the Day!!
I'm so happy! It's my first LOTD at that site. But I feel bad that everyone thought he was my baby!! I should've written a description, but sometimes I just get lazy! Sorry, Jo, and thanks for pointing my toot out!

Then, I entered Last Scrapper Standing by the efferdares girls.
The challenge was to use at least 8 TRANSPARENCIES!!!! Boy, was that hard for me! But I managed to do it and I hope the Dares girls like it, too! I decided to use Jonah again (BTW, he is my Godson, Jo's son). I always imagine that babies are so curious because they see a very bright and colorful world in the beginning. And my l.o. IS fun and full of color. The transparencies I used (I actually used 11!) were from Hambly, from SIS TV's I*heart*Candytown collection folder/see-through paper, a transparency I painted with acrylic paint, a home-made "shaker box" from a packaging material. I also used embellies from SOML's 80's kit. I really hope I make it! They had us post it at Flickr, and all of the other entries were so good!! To my surprise, I've surpassed the number of photos allowed in flickr's free account. I actually have to pay now to upload my pics!

Another challenge I did was to do a dare a week with Jo according to the We Dare You book. This week's challenge was Positive Self-Talk.
I used mostly Label Tulip here and the journaling is spelled out on here:

The lay-out was also featured on the Kitten Walk. Yay for me!!! Whoot-woo!!!!!


jo said...

Love all 3 LOs! Yay for LOTD! :) I have to work on my Dares LO but I will soon! another blogger gal is probably going to join us - hope you don't mind. She loves the book too. :)

Nat said...

Wow - those layouts are gorgeous!!!! Love the transp. one so much! Congrats on the Kittenwalk!!!

Ady said...

Hi Corrine, all your layouts are awesome and congrats to you... I finished my layout too. check it out Can't wait to start the next one. Have a great weekend.