Saturday, September 8, 2007

Pump it Up!!

I'm so proud of myself. Today, I worked out for about an hour and ten minutes!!! Yay! It was hard, but I feel so good with all the heightened endorphines. Thought I'd blog about it!!

I did Turbo Jam, which I enjoyed. It's a mixture of dance, kickboxing, and sculpting! I really love to dance so it was awesome! Chalene pumps you up and her joyous personality is contagious!

Then, I worked out to Tahitian Cardio! I took Hula and Tahitian last year, and I fell in love with it!! This one is supposed to be an all body work-out, but it didn't feel like that at all (in a good way).

I'm glad I found ways to work out and have fun with them! Hopefully, they'll motivate me to keep at it because I have:

It's actually 11 more days now! My wedding is coming up, and I so want to look good in the dress of my dreams!

So now it's 4 pm, and Fiance and I are looking for something to do outside of the house that doesn't cost much money. It is Saturday after all, and the weather looks great outside. Maybe we'll drive to San Francisco and hang out at Pier 39. But parking in the city costs mucho mula so that's out!!

Speaking of the city, if any of you know of a great spot for engagement pics in SF, please let me know. I told our photographer, Gene that I originally wanted Baker Beach but it seems like every couple who's getting married gets their EP taken there so forget it! I like to be unique. We'll definitely pick Pier 39 for sentimental reasons, but I would also LOVE to get shots of the city.

Anyway, tried scrapping but I wasn't very motivated. Maybe tonight. Here are the lay-outs I worked on yesterday.

Oh, and this totally opened my eyes and made me smile! SAH-WEET!! Bernadette is soooo right on the money!!!

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That Girl said...

You are just too cute lol. And I love your funky fresh style in your work. No time at all you'll reach your dreams. No doubt about it. Thanks for stoppin' by!