Thursday, September 27, 2007

So grateful.

I got a glimpse of what my sis started with our wedding page. She studied graphic design, and have done an awesome job with our site!! Gil and I want to get her something special...either this:

or a camera. The problem is, both are truly expensive. And my other sis said it wasn't a good idea. But I feel bad because my sis is doing so much for our wedding!! She even researched scrapbooking because she wanted the site to have that theme...I love her!!!

Then, I decided to go to the conference here. Two of my dear friends made it possible so I'm made them these as thank you's:

Both mini-books were made with Love, Elsie's Lola and Riley and Imagination Project (I love their coasters!).

Then, here's Dare #2...a little early, but I figured if I had the time, might as well scrap! My safe place is Hawaii!!! Wanted a chaotic backdrop and calming center.

Then, here's a tribute to Suzy, my fave LSS Owner. TFL!


jo said...

Both are very thoughtful gifts for your sister - I'm sure she'll appreciate either one! I can't wait to see the website!

So you decided to go to Hawaii? Hope you have fun!

Love the LOs! Can't believe you got Dare #2 done - I need to get crackin'!

Have a great weekend!

Noelia said...

Love your pages and your minis! I think your sister will love both presents equally. I would go for the camera but that's because I love to take pics :)