Sunday, August 16, 2009


I am feeling a lot better from this cold, thank you! Cold be-gone! Today, I will surely kick its behind into oblivion!! :) Am still having breastfeeding issues, but am hopeful they will pass as well!

My mood pretty much matches this Rockstar Anya. She commands attention, controls the stage... yup! That's how I feel on this beautiful Sunday morn! For the card, I used Bazzill for the cardstock and a lot of cool, exotic brands for the patterned paper- Hambly, Bam POP, Rouge de Garance. I even used part of those Mexican parade flags - I got it from SOML. The rub-on stars are from Jenni Bowlin.

As for my inspiration of the day: I have re-discovered my LOVE for the Effer Dares. I added them to my Google Reader, and BOOM! I went back and read each entry for the past year! And that isn't easy because I was on my iPhone! Ha ha! Basically, the Dares ask you to think outside the box weekly and aren't your typical scrapbookers. The Effer ladies are artists, and I enjoy looking at all of their different styles. I cannot wait to play along. Their themes are from scrapping your signature thing to depicting your daily path.

The card above is actually inspired from the dare to use the color you have a hard time creating with. I think the color purple is beautiful, but it is so difficult for me to work with! Don't quite know why that is!

Anyway, aside from having a lot of scrapbooking/ stamping supplies, I also collect random pretty papers/ postcards/ even clothing tags! The dares would allow me to use this eclectic stash to produce artistic pages...I just know it!! Am very excited for the next challenge! Woot woot!!

Happy Sunday! Toot-a-loo peeps!


Amy said...

Rinne your rock star Anya is freakin' amazing, so much cool stuff going on here and it all works perfectly together!

jo said...

yay! Love the Rockstar Anya card. It's funky and fresh. Super cute!

Glad you've rediscovered your love for the Effer Dares! I still need to get back into them...