Wednesday, August 12, 2009

To Do...

Wrote this earlier but haven't been able to make cards. Am nursing a bad cold I obtained from hubby so I may be on hiatus. Am also trying to prevent mastitis by pumping every two hours. (I have plugged milk ducts :().

Hope I feel better soon.
- Corinne 8/14 0937


I really need to scrap. There haven't been any lay-outs of our wedding day. Or even the unforgettable nights of my bachelorette. I don't yet have any printed pictures of Matthew. That's scary because what if our hard drive, back-up, picasa, or my facebook crash? I attempted to upload more pictures to Picasa with the goal of ordering prints and then finally scrapping. Got overwhelmed though. So I'll try again in the next couple of days.

Maybe that's why I'm doing so well making cards. I stamp/ color/ blend/ cut in advance usually while watching TV, pumping, or when the babe is asleep. Then I put them together. I do so pretty quickly. Being a new mom gives me great time management skills, especially to maximize my ME time. I really do love The Greeting Farm stamps. I think they are soooo cute, and I can just stare at my cards all day long (of course, I don't- I love staring at my bundle of joy even more :)). Thought I'd have a hard time giving them away but it really does make me happy to make others smile and let them know I'm thinking of them. At least, I have pictures of them in my computer.

And we're back to that again...

Because I want to document Mattie's milestones, I've been recording on my calendar, my Facebook, or this blog. I am on the hunt for the perfect baby book. Don't really like anything too cutesy- saw Jane T. Hopkins' printable templates at House of 3. But it isn't really my style & I don't want to have to make it. Amber Ulmer said she found one by Carter's at Target that she swore was quite simple. Looked for it online with no avail. I think I'll check out Babies 'R Us.

What has Matthew Kai been doing? Well, this week he's:
1. Been starting to sleep 6-7 hours straight.
2. Crying a lot louder & deeper! I never knew I'd miss that shrill, high-pitched newborn cry!

On a last note, all this blogging was made possible by this, my current favorite accessory. My two month old is asleep in my arm right now, and I'm on Blogger (if not, Facebook or Google Reader). Was thinking of buying the app, which uploads pics (have lots stored on my iPhone) & links to websites. Has anyone tried it? It's $9.99.


Ady said...

I love my Iphone too. I want to get the new one because I have the original and it's too slow so I can't blog on it but I do use facebook on it. I haven't seen that application your referring too. I love that card and it's funny you mentioned it because I clicked on it the other day because I was going to delete it and than I looked at a couple of dares and decided not to delete just in case. Have a wonderful week and I'm sure the breasfeeding will get better just be patient.HUGZ

jo said...

don't know about the app... I wonder if it's any good... Maybe if you can get a chance you can google some reviews!