Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Just Dance.

i used to take hula. it had been a very long dream of mine, and i finally got to make it come true for a few measly, but glorious months in my late 20s.

and so for my wedding, i had planned to surprise my husband by performing the wedding dance. alas, my plans did not go through.

one, because i was too self-conscious to perform because i did not reach my "goal weight." stupid, i know.

two, i lost the instructional video of all of the steps and lost contact with my hula teacher.

three, i was so in love with my wedding dress that i did not think to even plan getting in and out of it for the dance.

anyway, i came across my friend john's pictures of a recent wedding he went to. and saw this.

john's picture shows the bride performing the wedding dance in front of her groom.

i immediately felt a pang of regret. and suddenly felt awe of the grace and love this hula symbolized. and how i LOVE that dress!

am really kicking myself now. maybe for our 10th anniversary, we'll have a BIG celebration and i can do it then. but then i'll be in my forties *sigh*.....(although someone said 40's are the new 30's, eh?)....

and so, i made this card for the BEST hula dancer i know. yes, she's not even 7 (well, on her birthday, she will be).

however, she did choose ballet over hula (she recently quit hula because her dance schedule was getting too busy). but for being 6, I. had all the potential and the beginning of a wonderful hula/tahitian dancer. hula or ballet, this little girl is such a talented dancer!

i chose the ballerina anya for this card. used bazzill for the cs, rouge de garance for the pp, hambly stickers, and doodlebug design inc for the brads.

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