Sunday, May 8, 2011

Asian Fashion


Sometimes, I find myself making cards that reflect what is going on in my life. And these cards aren't necessarily appropriate to be given to someone else.

For example, take this card.

It depicts my hope and sadness for Japan. It also conveys my love for fashion and design.

I wanted to add that little spiraled notebook from Jolee's. And the tiny pic of the Asian ladies is from a famous restaurant matchbook in Las Vegas. Who knows? I may add this card as an embellishment to a future scrapbook lay-out.

Anyway, this Magnolia stamp was from my friend R's bday gift to me. And hurrah for using old products. All of these are at least two years old! :)

Have a fantastic day! Peace!


Tanya R said...

This is just so so cute.


jo said...

So cute! I've never seen an Asian inspired Magnolia before. I love her outfit. :)

Amy said...

I can totally see you adding this to a page down the road... it is going to make quite the impact too 'cause it's gorgeous! :)