Friday, May 27, 2011

Support your LSS


Over the past year, my fave local scrapbooking stores have closed so I've been doing most of my shopping online. I had also been very good about using the supplies that I already have. But for an upcoming project, I needed specific brands, newer stuff.

So thanks to an FB friend, I discovered a new store in the area -- Our Paper Place. And who did I see when I walked in? Why, Suzy West, of course! For those of you who don't know her, she had owned my most favorite scrapbooking store and is uber talented, now designing for My Little Shoebox and many more! She's helping out at the new store, inspiring and teaching the new owner(s) her old tricks!

Anyway, Our Paper Place has a contest each month. Buy a kit for $10, make a lay-out, turn it in. Customers vote for their favorite one and the winner gets a free crop and a $20 gift certificate. I bought it and played along. I'll show you my l.o. another day, but I also created a card using the supplies.

This card features all of the supplies from the kit (mostly Cosmo Cricket) except for the CS and is stamp-free. I needed to make a 'man' card for one of our inspiring docs who had been going above & beyond, bringing in treats for our nurses. Now y'all know that it's hard for me to make cards suited for boys, much less a man!! LOL!

I like how this sorta has a vintage feel to it! I'm glad I'm doing my part to support local business :).



yyam said...

It's probably cheaper for me to shop online but I support my LSS just so that they stick around and I have somewhere to go check out the pretty stuff!

Amy said...

I hear ya on supporting the local LSS and it sounds like you've found a great one, lucky girl! This card is really cool looking and perfect for a guy if ya ask me! :)

jo said...

Cute! I love the vintage-ness of your card!