Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Puppies and Mommyhood



it is 1:08 a.m. pacific standard time, and I can't sleep. not due to insomnia this time. but i took a two hour nap (late) with the tot, even after he "allowed" me to sleep till 9 am yesterday morning (you moms know that's a luxury!).

so i thought i'd catch up on my blog as i've made a few cards here and there...

this stamp is Tobie and his puppy from Some Odd Girl. they have recently released clear stamps, and i couldn't help but buy a few! i first saw SOG at Yvonne's blog and then Amy inspired me with her awesome creations as Guest DT.

i've colored Tobie up with black hair because he reminds me a lot of my Mattie. MK just loves dogs right now.

here he is walking his toy puppy in our backyard...LOL! pretty soon, we're gonna have to get a real dog because a toy just won't cut it any longer.

anyway, i hope you all had a nice Mother's Day. i sure did. i was supposed to work but got called off as there weren't a lot of patients in the hospital. i'm not really supposed to take those unexpected days off as i'm trying to accrue paid time off for my upcoming maternity leave, but i just couldn't help it. i wanted to spend a nice holiday with my boys and my fam.

i woke up to some nice yellow tulips, a sentimental card, cuddles from my guys, and even breakfast-in-bed.

motherhood has been the best thing that has happened to me (aside my hubby, that is). i feel so blessed that i am expecting another angel in less than two months. i'm a bit nervous about having two but i know that if other people could do it, then i can as well. getting excited about having a soft, little chubby one in my arms again....even if it would be 3:00 am, then 6 am, then....etc, etc. :)

sometimes, i wonder how it's possible to share my love between kids when i love my matthew so much already. but i always knew i'd have more than one child. it's actually always been a dream to have four but i don't know about that now, haha.

being a mom has had its very challenging times, don't get me wrong. it is difficult to put yourself first, much less take a shower in those first few days/ weeks. you sacrifice a lot of things in order to spend quality time with them. but it is always worth it, to know that your child/ children know how much they're loved.

i'm gonna cut it off here as i'm feeling rather sleepy now. till next time, thanks so much for tuning in!



jo said...

Awww, cute card - love the stamp and his big ol' eyes.

Happy belated Mother's Day. So glad you got to spend the day at home and got little treats from G & M. I got nothing from C (so far), but what else is new...

Sparkle said...

This is just precious! And such a darling picture of your little man!

Amy said...

Yep, I can totally see a lot of Mattie in that Tobie stamp, especially with how you've colored him up... SO cute!
I'm glad that you had such a wondeful Mother's Day, it sounds like your boys treated you like a princess! :)