Wednesday, June 2, 2010

From Babe to Tater Tot


I can't believe I have a 1-year-old!

Seems just like yesterday I was pregnant with you!

At 12 months, you have 7 teeth.
You could walk 20-30 steps unassisted.
You like to dance and sing.
You laugh when others laugh.
You say, "Mama," "Up," "No."
You shake your head no, and nod your head yes.
You are intrigued by our family dogs but are scared of them.
You love Elmo and Big Bird and Mickey.
You are not quite ready for the sippy cup, but you're open to many different types of food.
I am your favorite person in the world and your daddy is your best friend.

Yesterday, you had quite an adventure:

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KanataNewf said...

oh your little guy is so the photo can see how he has grown! What a little doll!

Tanya Rudd said...

Thanks for sharing such a special moment with us Rinne.

Happy Birthday Matthew.

Ashley Nguyen Newell said...

Oh my gosh, Happy birthday Matthew! Parker's birthday is on June 13 so we are right on your tail. You will laugh when you see my collage, the bear is in the different place each month. It's awful! The kid just wouldn't cooperate. I'm jealous of yours and Jo's awesome collage for the tots!

jo said...

:) Love this.

yyam said...

Oh my! He's the cutest! :)

Hope he had a great 1st birthday! :)

Ady said...

He's adorable and dressed so cute...Lot's of hugs and kisses to you all... Enjoy it because it seems to fly by so quickly.

Laurie said...

Wasn't it just yesterday that we were chatting it up in the middle of the night on FB because we were both up at all hours while preggo? I can't believe M is 1 already, much less that my little peanut will be 1 next month too! OY!

sunghee said...

awwww~~~ he is so cute!!! happy belated birthday, mattie!!!

heeheehee... i want to see his photo next to the lion when he is 20 yrs. old. =)